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The Sands Football Team

I play for a very special football team. It’s not a team anybody wants to be part of, but once you join it’s a team you’ll never leave. All the members have one thing in common – they have lost a child. We play with the name of our child on our shirts, above our hearts. I had the honour of captaining this team on Sunday. Not because I am any good, but because the game was played close to the anniversary of losing our daughter Eleni 11 years ago. Ex professionals and celebrities were our opposition and in truth we were well beaten on the pitch. Score was irrelevant, but we scored once. A penalty in the last minute that was given to me as captain for the day. It felt like the most important kick I have ever made. It was for me, for my teammates, for Eleni and every baby gone too early. If you know any dads affected by baby loss tell them they are not alone. Tell them about SANDS United – more than just a football team. https://www.facebook.com/SandsUtdLondon

Nick Maniatakis – West London Sands Dad

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